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One killed, others wounded in Darfur attacks

August 11 - 2015 GIREIDA / SIRBA
Market place in a camp in Gireida, 2007 (Robert Lankenau)
Market place in a camp in Gireida, 2007 (Robert Lankenau)

A displaced man dies and several others, including a child, were wounded in separate attacks by armed men near camps in Darfur on Sunday and Monday. A farmer in East Jebel Marra died when a remnant of war exploded on his farm.

An activist in Gireida camp, South Darfur, reported to Radio Dabanga that a group of bandits ambushed a vehicle on its way from Um Alkura to the camp. They opened fire and killed Hadja Jibril Adam on the spot. Four other passengers sustained injuries, including 9-year-old Mohamed Hassan.

The activist said that ten of the passengers have disappeared after the attack. A rescue team of people from the area moved to the scene immediately and transported the wounded to hospital in Gireida.

In Sirba locality, West Darfur, a displaced man and woman were injured by armed herders on their farm on Sunday.

The coordinator of camp Joghana, near Sirba, told Radio Dabanga that herders let their cattle graze on the fields of Mohamed Ali and Kultum Abaker, by force of arms. When the farmers tried to stop them, the herders broke the hands of both Ali and Abaker, so the animals could continue grazing on the farm.

The coordinator stressed that as long as the government does not interfere to protect the farms and deal with the violent shepherds, there will be a serious food shortage in the area.


In East Jebel Marra, a farmer was killed in a grenade explosion on Tuesday afternoon. He was working on his farm, 5km south of Jauwa. The farmer, named Suleiman Awad Saleh, was ploughing when he hit an item of unexploded ordnance.

A farmer from the area explained that the explosion killed Awad Saleh instasntly.

An elderly woman was wounded while working a field, and two children at play, were wounded in two separate grenade explosions in Gireida area at the end of June. “Do not touch any strange objects,” an activist appealed to the radio listeners, in particular to children.

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