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Omdurman home of Sudan’s National Umma Party leader stormed for third time

March 7 - 2019 OMDURMAN
National Umma Party Secretary-General Sarah Nugdallah (File photo)
National Umma Party Secretary-General Sarah Nugdallah (File photo)

On Tuesday, the security forces stormed the house of prominent opposition National Umma Party (NUP) leader Amir Nugdallah in El Umara neighbourhood in Omdurman for the third time during the last period.

Witnesses say that during the last raid, agents jumped over the walls of the house and broke the outer doors on Tuesday night.

Nugdallah himself has been bedridden for many years, however it is also the home of the Secretary General of the NUP, Sarah Nugdallah, and has much symbolic significance.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the security forces stormed the house by jumping over the wall of the house where also the Secretary General of the National Umma Party Sarah Nugdallah resides for the third time on Tuesday evening.

The witnesses said that the successive incursions of the security forces caused the intimidation of the family.

They said they also fired tear gas at members of the family as they were leaving the house and forced them to extinguish the vehicle’s lighting.

Amnesty International

Ahmed El Zubeir, a researcher at Amnesty International of the East African Office in Nairobi, described this as a clear violation of international treaties and the Sudanese constitution.

He explained to Radio Dabanga that the security forces focused on specific districts such as Burri in Khartoum and El Abbasiya in Omdurman, which witnessed the storming of a large number of houses.


He attributed the targeting of the house of Amir Nugdallah for its symbolism in the resistance.

On the repeated storming of homes in Khartoum, he condemned the security forces’ firing of tear gas, even inside the closed rooms, which is not allowed.

He said that the bodies also severely beat citizens inside houses, which is unprecedented in the history of Sudan.

He called on the Sudanese government not to use the State of Emergency as a justification for further violations of human rights, and not to use of force against demonstrators. He reiterated his demand for the release of detainees and the accountability of those involved in extrajudicial killings.

Activist Mohamed Hasan condemned the storming the house of Amir Nugdallah and frequent storming of other houses, considering it a continuation of the regime’s approach to violence and violation of freedoms.

He said in an interview with Radio Dabanga that he was surprised by the repeated violations against citizens and their sanctities and the storming of their homes, even though they did not affect the rising tide of the revolution.

State of Emergency

He explained that the violence and the State of Emergency led to the escalation of the resistance of the regime.

He attributed the frequent targeting of the house of Amir Nugdallah for his symbolism of the Sudanese identity of the whole and steadfastness on principle and freedom and emancipation.

He pointed out that the sanctity violation of the homes led to the deaths of people such as Muawia Khalil in Burri.


He explained that the security forces want to drag the Sudanese to counter-violence, stressing the continuation of the revolution in the peaceful approach to overthrow the regime.

Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Emergency Court in Khartoum to attend the trial of people of Burri and El Kalakha for participating in demonstrations.

Witnesses said the court prevented the people from entering the court and attending the hearings and only the suspects, lawyers and witnesses were allowed entry.

Witnesses reported the dropping of charges against the demonstrators of Kalakla, acquitted 67 youths of Burri and sentenced to two with a fine of SDG 200.

The Democratic Alliance of Lawyers pointed to writing-off charges against 34 demonstrators in the courts of Bahri, the eastern and El Imtidad yesterday.

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