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Omda dies of wounds, farmer killed in Darfur

(file photo)
(file photo)

The omda of Digris in Nyala locality has died of his wounds in the hospital on Wednesday. He and his wife were fatally shot in their house on Wednesday July 11.

Omda Jibril Ahmed Ali Muhajir succumbed to the wounds in his chest and thigh in Nyala hospital. Gunmen had attacked the couple a week before. Aisha Mohamed Adam was killed on the spot and Jibril Ahmed taken to hospital in a serious condition.

They had recently returned from Kalma camp for displaced people to their home area, as part of the government’s voluntary return programme.

Omda Jibril Ahmed Ali Muhajir of Digris village in Nyala hospital (RD


At least nine people have been killed since the start of the current agricultural season in Gireida in South Darfur, all of whom have been voluntary returnees to their villages this rainy season, this station reported in June.

Farmer killed

Militiamen shot dead a 45-year-old man north of Tur in Nierteti, Central Darfur, on Wednesday. The incident took place in Kalu, north of Tur.

Family members of Siddig Osman told radio Dabanga that he was on his way back from his farm to the camps in Tur when “members of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces” shot him.


The government in West Darfur has announced “a comprehensive plan to collect illegally possessed weapons and prevent unlicensed vehicles”.

Deputy Governor Mohamed Sharafeldin confirmed that “no unlicensed vehicle will be allowed to move and roam within the state’s geographical boundaries” in El Geneina on Wednesday. He said that the compulsory disarmament campaign was the result of a number of owners who have not adhered to the call to voluntarily hand in their arms or unlicensed vehicles.

The state authorities raided Warah village for this reason on Wednesday, seizing weapons, ammunition, military uniforms and six four-wheel drive vehicles.

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