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Nuba Mountains students arrested in Sudan

June 8 - 2016 KHARTOUM
Fie photo: Students march in Khartoum (1 June 2016)
Fie photo: Students march in Khartoum (1 June 2016)

On Saturday, 13 members of the Nuba Mountains Students Associations Union in Universities were arrested while they were preparing for the commemoration, of the killing of student Mohamed Al Sadig Weia.

Weiga was shot dead in front of the Nuba House at Al Ahliya University in Omdurman on 27 April 2016.

According to a Union statement, the detained students (See list of names below) were taken to Anas Iban Malik police station in Ombada, and later charged under articles 69 and 77 according to Sudan Penal Code for 1991 (Public Nuisance).

The students were verbally and racially abused while they were in detention. The police also confiscated all the chairs, tables and other equipment.

Targeting students from the Nuba Mountains and Darfur have become common practices by the police and elements from Sudan National Intelligent and Security Service (NISS).

Summary criminal procedures were taken against them and the officer refused to release them on bail even though the law permits that and the prosecutor approved their release on bail.

The police presented their case to the Public Order Court on 5 June, but the judge dismissed the case against them and order their immediate release.

Names of arrested students:

1-         Ahmed Jar Al Nabi Suliman

2-         Kazam Rahma Kabashi

3-         Faris Hassien Tilo

4-         Abdel Alla Abbas

5-         Salih Al Eisir

6-         Adam Khafia

7-         Mohamed Abdel Alla Osman

8-         Osama Bashair Saeed

9-         Ms. Maida Guma

10-       Abdel Alla Ibrahim

11-       Bakari Mohamed Omer

12-       Ammar Hassan Jado

13-       Hassan Kokom

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