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North Darfur: UN technical teams to assist with transition from relief to development and reconstruction

March 14 - 2019 EL FASHER
Unamid peacekeeper (File photo)
Unamid peacekeeper (File photo)

After a visit of a UN-appointed strategic review team to El Fasher, Capital of North Darfur this week, it has been announced that UN will form two technical teams: one for sustainable solutions and one for voluntary return, reintegration and rehabilitation in the state.

Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid, the coordinator of humanitarian aid in North Darfur, announced that the UN teams would work in coordination with another team to be formed by the government, including humanitarian affairs, humanitarian aid, and the relevant Ministry, on behalf of the coordination team for the transition from relief to development and reconstruction.

He said that the Humanitarian Aid Commission is currently preparing and arranging to meet the requirements of the transition from emergency work and the provision of humanitarian assistance to the stage of recovery and reconstruction and development. This is in line with the UN resolutions that reduced the mission of Unamid in preparation for its final exit by the middle of 2020, and gradually transferring its mission to the UN team in Darfur, which will include a number of international agencies and organisations as well as a government task force.

He explained that the visit of the UN review team was for conducting a comprehensive assessment of Unamid’s work.

International liaison

He explained that the Humanitarian Aid Commission will coordinate between international organisations and donors on the one hand, and the relevant Ministries in the state on the other, to link the plans of the programmes of these Ministries with the plan of transition from emergency and relief to recovery and development, so as to promote social peace in the state and achieve sustainable development.

Hamid said that the establishment of a national team to coordinate the transition from relief to development and reconstruction will contribute greatly to the transfer of the Unamid mission and represents the guarantor for the continuation of projects and development programmes and services in the state

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