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North Darfur displaced reject voluntary return

January 1 - 2017 KABKABIYA
A displaced family in Darfur (File photo: OCHA)
A displaced family in Darfur (File photo: OCHA)

The displaced people of the Kabkabiya camps in North Darfur have rejected a programme of voluntary return put forward by a government delegation on Wednesday.

One of the Sheikhs told Radio Dabanga that a delegation from the government, headed by the National Assembly representative of Kabkabiya constituency, Noureldin Mohammed Rahma, met with the leaders of the displaced persons of Kabkabiya on Wednesday and asked them to return voluntarily to their villages.

The Sheikh said the leaders of the displaced people submitted a package of conditions that need to be achieved before talking about voluntary return.

These include the disarming of militias, bringing the perpetrators of atrocities to justice, expulsion of the new settlers from their lands, and compensation for the displaced.

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