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Non-signatory movements renew rejection of DDPD

November 11 - 2012 DARFUR

The Darfuri armed movements integrated in the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), have renewed their rejection of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, Radio Dabanga has learned on Friday November 9.

The SRF confirmed they will not take part in the Doha Document or any other meetings aiming at 'partial solutions', explaining that a comprehensive solution for all the issues of Sudan should be discussed at one table and that a regime change is unavoidable to reach a solution.

The renewed rejection from SLA-MM/AN and JEM followed last week's announcement of Dr. Tijani Sese, chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), on the formation of a committee to contact all non-signatory movements and urge them to join.

The committee will be led by Siddig Wadaa and will consist of 12 members. The members will include Mohamed Ismail, Saleh Mahmoud, General Hussein Abdullah Jibril Sharti, Ibrahim Abdullah and Ambassador El-Shafie Ahmed Mohamed.

JEM: 'not interested to join'

Jibril Adam Bilal, JEM spokesperson, told Radio Dabanga the movement is not interested to join the committee and will not respond to any invitation calling for partial solutions or the DDPD. The spokesperson said he is not sure if the committee will be able to convince the Government of Sudan (GoS) to honor the implementation of the DDPD.

He stated that “14 months have passed since the DDPD was signed and nothing has been done yet, not even one paragraph has been implemented so far.” Bilal added that the committee should hold the GoS responsible for failing to push the implementation of the DDPD.

He expressed the movement's interest to find a comprehensive solution for all Sudanese issues and claims that the only way to move forward to reaching a solution is by changing the regime.


For its part, Sudan's Liberation Movement-Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM), renewed its rejection of the DDPD and confirmed its adherence to finding a comprehensive solution.

Abdullah Mursal, SLM-MM spokesperson, stressed to Radio Dabanga that the movement clearly stated its fixed position regarding the DDPD, but will not refuse to sit with the committee formed by the DRA.

He continued that the main objective of the DDPD is the liquidation of the Darfur issue, adding that almost two years have passed and nothing has been achieved yet. “Violence increased, more people were displaced, more civilians were killed and on top of that the recent incident that took place in Shawa, the opposite of what should have happened after signing the DDPD” he added.

Mursal emphasized that the movement supports a comprehensive solution for the issues of Sudan.

Peace talk

General Hussein Abdullah Jibril, a member of the committee to be formed for contacting the non-signatory movements and chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of North Darfur, announced the committee will proceed to contact the non-signatory movements and address them with a serious, transparent and honest peace talk.

He explained that the committee itself is an important way of supportying the resolutions of the DRA and the Peace Forum held in El-Fasher last June.


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