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Newspaper print runs seized again in Sudan

November 29 - 2017 KHARTOUM
Akhir Lahza daily newspaper (File photo)
Akhir Lahza daily newspaper (File photo)

The entire print runs of El Tayyar, El Jareeda and Akhir Lahza newspapers were seized without explanation from the presses by agents of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on Tuesday morning without giving any explanation.

This confiscation is the second of its kind in a week and the fourth this month. Othman Merghani, the editor of El Tayyar newspaper, told Radio Dabanga that at 2:30 am a security officer confiscated all the printed copies of the newspaper.

He stressed that the repeated confiscations cause great losses to the newspapers as well as denying readers access to information.

Ashraf Abdelaziz, the editor-in-chief of El Jareeda newspaper, said that on Tuesday morning the security apparatus confiscated the newspaper without giving any explanation for the fourth time in November.


He explained that the repeated confiscations aim to cause the independent newspapers great material losses so as to force them to stop operating.

He downplayed the importance of the new amendments to the Press and Publications Act and pointed out that the government does not abide by the laws it passes.

Kamal Omar of the leadership of the Popular Congress and a member of the National Assembly, criticised the security apparatus for not adhering to the constitution and the outcomes of the national dialogue.

He described the National Congress Party’s mentality as authoritarian.

He stressed that they will continue their rejection of violations of freedoms politically, through media and within the Parliament.

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