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N. Darfur doctors enter second day of general strike

March 4 - 2013 EL-FASHER

Doctors from hospitals in El-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, have entered on Monday their second day of general strike after “exhausting all attempts and means to get the responsible authorities to address their demands”.

One of the physicians informed Radio Dabanga the government “illegally” cut off three months of their salaries, adding this represents them a loss of 45 million Sudanese pounds.

Besides having their full salaries reinstated, the doctors are also demanding better working environment and to be paid extra hours and bonuses.

Doctors sat down several times to discuss about their demands with concerned authorities, who only delivered “false promises” and more delays.  

According to the physicians, even emergency cases such as accidents and surgeries are currently not being treated.

Photo: Women from the Kassab camp wait to be examined by doctors (Albert González Farran/ UNAMID)


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