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Murder, kidnapping and robbery spree in Deleig, Central Darfur

April 14 - 2016 DARFUR
File photo
File photo

A merchant was kidnapped from his shop on Deleig market on Wednesday morning by militiamen who went on to ransack a house, and abduct two more, including a Sheikh.

Callers reported to Radio Dabanga that about 19 militiamen, led by one called Kabro, in three Land Cruisers mounted with Dushka machineguns kidnapped merchant Mohammed Eisa Mohammed, Sheikh Adam Abdul Karim and Mohammed Adam and took them to an unknown destination.

A relatives told this station that “Mohammed Eisa was kidnapped him from inside his store at Deleig market at gunpoint before the eyes of the authorities and then took him to an unknown destination”.

Witnesses said that the militiamen then moved to the southern district and raided the house of Adam Yahya, stole SDG 65,000 ($10,572), jewellery, gold, and electric tools before they smashed the interior of the house. The militiamen then reportedly moved on to the village of Mando in northwest Deleig, kidnapped the village Sheikh Adam Abdul Karim and Mohammed Adam and took them to an unknown destination.

Callers said the kidnapping and robbery by the militiamen came as a reprisal for the loss of a cow.

Um Dukhun

On Tuesday unidentified gunmen shot and killed two people at Um Dukhun locality in Central Darfur.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that unidentified gunmen opened fire on the two while they were riding two motorcycles. The shot the two dead, took all money in their possession, as well as both motorcycles.

El Radoom

In El Radoom locality in South Darfur three people were shot dead by unidentified gunmen on Tuesday. A witness told Radio Dabanga said that the gunmen attacked the victims while they were on their way back to Um Dafug from the gold mining areas in El Radoom. “They shot them dead on the spot and robbed them of SDG 65,000 and their luggage.

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