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MPs call for Motion of No Confidence in Sudan Finance Minister

June 14 - 2018 OMDURMAN
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Mohamed El Rikabi (SUNA)
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Mohamed El Rikabi (SUNA)

Yesterday the independent MPs’ Alliance for Change in the Sudanese Parliament asked the Speaker of the National Assembly called for a Motion of No Confidence in the Minister of Finance for failing to manage economic conditions. However, the Speaker of Parliament rejected the request for reasons of ‘procedural irregularities’.

Abul Gasim Burtom, the head of the independent change alliance in the parliament said, “The Finance Minister announced during last week’s session his failure to manage the economy and manage the tripartite and five-year plans and his failure to raise any money from abroad”.

He described the statement of the Minister of Finance Mohamed El Rikabiyesterday in the parliamentary session of the as an attempt to retreat from the previous statement in which he declared failure during the last session.

He pointed out that the change alliance in the Parliament is aware of the procedures to demand the withdrawal of confidence, but that the current circumstances of the country calls for urgent action to address the pitfalls and problems.

He described the change in the SDG 50 bill by the Bank of Sudan as “a stupid step that cannot deal with the crises of the Sudanese economy”.

He told Radio Dabanga that the economic crisis is rooted and cannot be tackled by slogans and conciliatory solutions, but rather by deliberate steps and practical measures.

He explained that the move led to a further rise in the exchange rate of the Dollar against the Pound.

He criticised the penalties stipulated in the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.

He explained that addressing the economic situation cannot be achieved through punitive measures, but through sound plans.

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