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‘More than 52 Sudan Armed Forces troops slain in South Kordofan’: JEM

July 28 - 2013 SOUTH KORDOFAN

Reports of ongoing clashes in South Kordofan between formations of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and contingents of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), apparently spearheaded by the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), have continued to reach Radio Dabanga all weekend.

On Saturday, the hostilities were reported to be concentrated around the city of Delling. By Sunday, sources confirmed that the major arterial road linking South Kordofan capital Kadugli, via Delling and Dibebad, to North Kordofan capital, El Obeid, is “closed to all traffic”.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga on Sunday, JEM deputy head, Mohamed Al Beel Issa Zayyed, claimed that the SRF has “killed more than 52 regular troops and pro-government militiamen, including leading figures Amir Al Mujehedin Aburahman Abu Fursha as well as Rahman Jigir.”

Zayyed claims that 68 others were wounded, and 11 officers and non-commissioned officers captured. He confirmed these include Lt Col Yasir Mohamed Abdulla, and Lt Hamid Mohamed Abdolsamet, as reported to Radio Dabanga on Saturday by SRF-aligned SPLA-N spokesman, Arnu Ngutulu Lodi.

Zayyed also echoed Lodi's claims that the SRF has captured several vehicles, an anti-aircraft gun and other materiel, and destroyed “more than 17 military vehicles”.

Multiple witnesses confirmed to Radio Dabanga that SRF forces have cut the road link from Delling to Kadugli. People within Delling town said they heard “gunfire and explosions from clashes outside the city”.

They added that the SAF has reinforced its positions within the city, while shops, schools, and government institutions closed their doors and citizens stayed home.

File photo: JEM combatants


Sudan battlefield report: South Kordofan (27 July 2013)


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