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'Missing DDPD deadlines: a threat to peace'

November 13 - 2012 DOHA

During the opening session of the fourth meeting of the Implementation Follow-Up Commission on the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD), the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud said that missing deadlines poses a threat to peace, on Monday 12 November. 

The deputy explained that meeting the deadlines will support building trust between the parties involved, according to the Qatar News Agency (QNA).  

Nevertheless, Al-Mahmoud stated that the DDPD has 'played a key role in establishing security and stability in the region', adding that the international community shares this view. 

He asserted that UNAMID's report presentation in Monday's meeting will show that improvement has been made towards the implementation of the document. Yet, he added, achievements so far 'did not live up to our aspired level; however [they] regarded as a big step towards the full implementation given the difficulties and challenges known by all, including the meager resources'.


Al-Mahmoud announced that non-signatory parties are creating big challengers for the commission, who must work to keep the signatory parties committed to the document. He also noted that persuading non-signatory parties to sign the document is another challenge for the commission, adding that efforts are being made in that direction.

He said that talks have been taking place between the Government of Sudan and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) 'to make the peace process more inclusive', and that more movements will sign the document.

The deputy stressed that the establishment of peace can be achieved by building infra-structure facilities and services in Darfur, like hospitals, police stations and water networks, 'providing these services will encourage displaced people to return home and revitalize their villages.'

Separate meeting

It was also reported that Al-Mahmoud met separately with EU Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan Rosalind Marsden and US Special Envoy to Darfur Dean Smith, currently visiting Doha to take part in the meeting, according to the QNA.   

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