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Militiamen provide 'public transport’ in North Darfur

December 2 - 2014 KUTUM

Residents of Kutum town in North Darfur complain about the halting of transport on the Kutum-El Fasher road, after the arrangement of guarded convoys was cancelled a week ago.

“This measure is giving free reign to militiamen to impose all kinds of levies and fees at their so-called toll-gates on the road,” a resident of Kutum told Radio Dabanga on Monday.

“As commercial car owners now hesitate to take the Kutum-El Fasher road, militiamen are filling the gap, and use their military Land Cruisers to transport people and goods instead,” he reported. “The price per passenger for a ride from Kutum to El Fasher by military vehicle ranges between SDG130 and SDG150 ($26), while we used to pay SDG50 to SDG60 ($10,50).

He urged to the authorities to “quickly take action, and resume the system of guarded convoys on the road as soon as possible”.  

File photo: Military vehicle in Darfur

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