Militia shooting in Central Darfur camp leaves one dead

Sudanese militiamen killed a displaced woman and wounded ten other people near a camp in Zalingei, Central Darfur, on Monday.

Sudanese militiamen killed a displaced woman and wounded ten other people near a camp in Zalingei, Central Darfur, on Monday.

The coordinator of the Central Darfur camps, El Shafee Abdallah, informed Radio Dabanga about the incident in Khamsa Degaig camp. “A force of the paramility Rapid Support Forces stormed the camp at 9am. They were driving vehicles with Dushka machine guns mounted on the top.”

The attackers opened fire into the air. The hail of bullets instantly killed 22-year-old Magboula Hasabelnabi and wounded her child of 17 months old, Anas Adam, the camp coordinator reported. The mother’s body has been brought to the hospital.

Her death has led to demonstrations in the camp. “Demonstrators faced a police and security force, which led to the eruption of another demonstration in Zalingei,” Abdallah said.

Zalingei protest

“The demonstrators went to the secretariat of the government of Central Darfur state in protest against what happened. Again, the protesters faced live ammunition by the police.”

Several people were wounded including Abdelaziz Musa Eisa, Rashid Mohamed Hamid, Hawa El Tahir Musa and Izeldin Sharafeldin.

The protest in Zalingei (RD)
Crowds in front of Zalingei hospital the same day (RD)


Abdallah further reported that members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) exchanged fire with the military police in the area following the events. Three military troops sustained injury and transferred to the military hospital, he said.

“The RSF members lost their way in Khamsa Degaig camp.” – Zalingei commissioner

Zalingei locality commissioner Khalid Bilal Ahmed reported another account of what took place in the camp. The clash took place over friction between camp residents and RSF members who were on their way to El Geneina aboard six vehicles. They “lost their way” in the camp, the commissioner said in a press statement.

Camp residents did not welcome the paramilitary force which prompted some of the visitors to open fire into the air, Khalid Bilal said. His account of the event continues with the protest in front of the state government’s secretariat.

The commissioner said that clashes between residents and military troops caused the injury of five troops and nine protesting residents of Khamsa Degaig. Three of them have been transferred to El Geneina hospital; the remaining were taken to Zalingei hospital.

Khalid Bilal announced the formation of a committee to investigate events and prevent similar incidents.


The Darfur Displaced and Refugees Association has condemned the storming of Khamsa Degaig camp, causing death of Hasabelnabi. Spokesman Hussein Abusharati told Radio Dabanga that his association holds the RSF members responsible for the incidents.

“The perpetrators should be immediately prosecuted while retaining the relatives’ right to retribution. The wounded have to be treated and compensated as well.”

The Darfur Bar Association (DBA) also condemned the “brutal aggression by the regime’s militia on the displaced in the camp”.

Yesterday the DBA issued a statement following the attack. The lawyers called on the international community, the United Nations in particular, to force the Sudanese government to respect the rights of displaced people according to the provisions of the Sudanese constitution and law.