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Meetings with Sudan’s leaders ‘to prevent Sudan descending into chaos’

January 6 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Anti-coup demonstrations in Khartoum (File photo: Mosaab Hassouna)
Anti-coup demonstrations in Khartoum (File photo: Mosaab Hassouna)

The Permanent Representative of Norway and President of the UN Security Council for Sudan, Mona Juul, is expected to hold a session shortly to discuss the situation in Sudan. The news of these UN talks comes at a time when US representatives have announced meetings of their own in Khartoum.

The US meetings will include the diplomatic and security delegation from the Central Intelligence Agency and will be held in the coming hours with Sudan’s military and political leaders.

A US government source stated that the security delegation comes from within the administrative framework of President Joe Biden, to prevent matters in Sudan from descending into chaos, following Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok’s resignation.

Before PM Hamdok resigned, the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Sudanese leaders to put their differences aside, to reach consensus and ensure the continuation of civilian rule. They also added in their statement that “Washington continues to stand by the Sudanese people and calls for an end to violence against demonstrators”.

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