’Measles spread in Darfur, eastern Sudan’: health ministry

Twenty-five people have died from measles, the federal Ministry of Health reports, as the number of confirmed cases is on the rise in six of Sudan’s states.

The federal Ministry of Health has revealed the rise in the number of measles cases to 1,472 in Sudan. 25 people have died while 3,000 patients are still suspected of carrying the disease.

Dr Nada Ga’far, the director of the Immunisation Administration in the ministry, warned in a press conference that the measles in six states have reached the epidemiological stage: North, West and East Darfur, and Sennar, Red Sea, and Kassala.

At the beginning of this month, the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef) reported that 1,120 measles cases were confirmed in the country. During the past three months, measles has spread across 29 localities in 16 of Sudan’s 18 states. The most affected state was Kassala (353 cases, 2 deaths) followed by Red Sea (205 cases, 3 deaths), and North Darfur (140 cases, 12 deaths).