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Man slain, cattle theft in Central Darfur

August 4 - 2015 MUKJAR
A gunman in Darfur (file photo)
A gunman in Darfur (file photo)

A man was shot dead in Central Darfur on Monday, leading to a protest by locals against his death. In the same area, a woman beat a herder who drove his cattle onto her farm, and bandits made off with livestock.

Abakr Abdallah Suleiman was killed when as returned to a camp for the displaced from his work at the mill in Mukjar area on Monday. “Two gunmen blocked the road and demanded he hand over his mobile phone,” an activist in the area reported. “When he refused, they shot the displaced man him dead.”

Following the murder, a group of people carried the body of Suleiman to the local police station, and filed a case against the gunmen.

The activist in Mukjar told Radio Dabanga that people who attended the funeral of Suleiman on Tuesday morning marched from the cemetery to an Unamid base. They protested there against the continuing violations against the displaced population in Mukjar, which they claimed have erupted since July.

A person who attended the march added that the group handed a memorandum to Unamid demanding security and protection of the displaced in the camps. The same memo was handed to officials of Mukjar locality.

Woman hits back

Borgi, a village near Mukjar, witnessed an assault by an armed gang on Monday, during which several villagers were wounded.

The assault followed a scuffle between a woman farmer and a herder. She defended her farm from herders who drove their cattle onto the farmlands. One of the herders was injured.

Afterwards, the woman turned herself in to the police. A resident from the area told Radio Dabanga that the herders made an attempt to attack the police station in order to kidnap the farmer, but the police managed to move her to another police department in Mukjar.

Herders then rallied and attacked the villagers of Borgi. Some villagers were beaten severely, the witness reported.

Cattle theft foiled

In another incident in Mukjar last week, bandits attacked a displaced man for his cattle.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, the activist explained that the bandits entered the home of Abdeljabar Musa, in an attempt to steal his donkey. When Musa defended his property against the intruders, they beat and injured him.

“The gunmen then went to the house of another person, took his sheep, and fled,” the activist said. A rescue team of assembled residents in Mukjar camp was able to recover the sheep as well as Musa's donkey from the thieves.

The activist said that the displaced have been to the local police station to open a case and ask the police to pursue the perpetrators. “But the policemen told us that they cannot move. ‘As long as you have your property’, they said, ‘just go to your homes’.”

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