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Ma’aliya leaders resign from East Darfur state govt.

September 1 - 2014 ABU KARINKA

A number of Ma’aliya leaders submitted their resignation from the East Darfur state government today, and withdrew their membership of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), in protest against the formation of a new government, as announced on Saturday.

Protests of Ma’aliya in Abu Karinka, Adila, Sharef, and El Mazrob in East Darfur entered their second day today (Monday). They demand the abolition of the state, and the incorporation of the areas inhabited by Ma’aliya in North Darfur State.

13 Ma’aliya leaders erected a temporary pavilion in Abu Karinka, where they announced their resignation from East Darfur State government posts, and the cancellation of their NCP membership. The prominent among them are Ahmed Hamed Abdallah, Secretary of East Darfur’s NCP Council, Maryam Merikha, Advisor for Women and Children Issues, and Hafiz Hussein Abu Sitta and Hamidan Abdel Rahman of the Leadership Office in the state.  

The vice president of the NCP East Darfur branch, Dr Hassan Mahmoud, confirmed to Radio Dabanga that “some members handed their resignation in protest against the formation of a new government”. He noted that the resignations are “under consideration in Khartoum”.  

Tribal conflict

Mahmoud acknowledged that the announcement of the new government came at a time when the Ma’aliya were still mourning their dead, killed in fierce clashes less than two weeks ago between Rizeigat and Ma’aliya in Um Rakuba, Abu Karinka locality. “This was indeed shocking to the Ma’aliya in the localities of Abu Karinka and Adila.”

He stressed the need to give priority to reconciliation, the restoration of the rule of law and security in the state, instead of the establishment of a new government.

On 16 August, at least 47 tribesmen were killed in fighting that broke out between Ma’aliya and Rizeigat in Um Rakuba after the theft of a camel, a horse, and two donkeys. Government troops were deployed as buffer forces, to no avail, as three days later fierce clashes erupted in the area of Um Rakuba in Abu Karinka locality, reportedly after an attack by Rizeigat on Ma’aliya citizens in the area. Hundreds of people were killed.

Questions have been raised in the Sudanese parliament about the participation of government forces among the Rizeigat during the fighting.

File photo: Residents of Adila in a protest march on Sunday (Radio Dabanga)


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