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Low prices bring poverty to El Gedaref farmers in Sudan

August 3 - 2017 EL GEDAREF
Sorghum (File photo)
Sorghum (File photo)

Small farmers in Sudan’s El Gedaref state have complained about the amendment of the funding policies by the Agricultural Bank by requiring the mortgage of real estate or agricultural projects.

Farmer El Sir Gasim from El Gireisha village said: “The Agricultural Bank has refrained from funding the small farmers because they do not own land”.

He pointed out that brokers are buying crops from small farmers at low prices, while farmers must cope with higher prices for fuel.

He pointed to the large losses suffered by small farmers after the impact of the beginning of the agricultural season.

The farmer pointed to the destruction of large quantities of sorghum in El Gedaref because of the lack of sufficient storage in the state stores.

The farmers explained that organisations intervened to provide seeds for the first time; this was seen as an indicator of high poverty among farmers.

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