Loans and stoves for Sudanese refugees in Chad

Refugee associations in eastern Chad’s camps receive loans to invest in agriculture and trading, while Sudanese refugees are given modern stoves.

A development organisation in Chad has offered loans to a number of the refugee associations working in Gaga camp in eastern Chad. It also distributed modern stoves to the Sudanese refugees in the camp.

One of the refugees in the camp between Abeche and El Geneina told Radio Dabanga that the Fédération Luthérienne Mondiale (FLM) has trained a dozen of the refugee associations that work in the fields of agriculture, cattle breeding, and trade for days. 

FLM works, among others, in the field of community development. It previously trained the refugee associations on how to develop their business skills, as well as capital preservation. 

He added that by the end of the training, FLM provided loans of 800 US dollars to each association. These are to be invested in their working fields, and returned in monthly installments of ten dollars, starting three months after they loan received the loan. 

The refugee explained that the organisation launched the distribution of stoves to Sudanese refugees on Wednesday, after they paid a symbolic fee, with exemption for those incapable to pay.