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Livestock released on farms in North Darfur

October 12 - 2015 KUTUM / SARAF UMRA
Cattle in West Darfur (file photo)
Cattle in West Darfur (file photo)

A group of herders entered their livestock by force on farms in Kutum locality on Sunday. During the attack, a number of women suffered varying injuries, and seven others went missing. In Saraf Umra locality, hundreds of camels and cattle destroyed a number of farms.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a relative of one of the victims reported that a group of militant herdsmen chased a number of farmers, most of them women, from their lands in the area of Um Sidir.

“They severely beat the farmers with their rifle butts and whips, wounding a number of them. Maryam Abdallah Mohamed sustained serious injuries and had to be transferred to El Fasher Hospital for treatment,” she said.

Seven women farmers disappeared during the attack. “They did not return until now [Monday afternoon].”

The source said that the herdsmen then released their livestock on their farms. “They threatened any farmer who dared to return to his land that they would be killed.”

'Crops destroyed'

On Saturday and Sunday, herders entered hundreds of camels and cattle on farms of people living in Meleesa and Nimra villages in the eastern part of Saraf Umra locality.

An affected farmer told Radio Dabanga that most of their crops were destroyed.

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