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JEM takes responsibility for attack on army camp in S. Kordofan

June 6 - 2011 DIBAB

The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) announced yesterday that it managed to destroy an army camp in the area of Jama, which lies 30 kilometers from the city of Dibab in South Kordofan. Al Nazir Osman, the field commander of the movement, said that their attack on the camp at six yesterday morning led to the killing of thirty-eight (38) soldiers from the army and the wounding of twenty-seven besides the capture of 26 different kinds of weapons. Radio Dabanga could not get any comments from the army to verify the claim, despite repeated calls.On the other hand, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Kordofan Sector in a statement it release yesterday, announced of that the Sudan Armed Forces' 14th Battalion, Masha-Kadugli, suffered a mutiny within its ranks, with all of its various units disobeying orders to fight the Sudan People’s Liberation Army to disarm it. The movement confirmed in its statement the occurrence of conflicts between the armed forces and the Central Reserve Force at Um Durein after the attack of the Central Reserve Force on the Joint Integrated Unit (JIU), which led the JIU to respond and defend itself.

The movement revealed in the statement that there was also a mutiny by the wildlife police, which were being disarmed. They attacked a warehouse of weapons and re-captured the weapons which had been confiscated from them. It is well known that the police are under the control of the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Unity.

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