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ICC Prosecutor repeats accusation against Abu Garda

October 20 - 2009 THE HAGUE

At the start of the case against Bahr Abu Garda Idris, head of the United Resistance Front, the deputy prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has repeated the accusation that Abu Garda has ordered the killing of twelve peacekeepers belonging to the African Union mission (AMIS). The case against Abu Garda in The Hague is mainly about his role in the attack against the peacekeepers based in Haskenita on 29 September 2007.

Judge Silvia Steiner, heading the court hearing said that the session was to confirm the charges and is not part of the trial. The deputy prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, said before the panel of three judges that Abu Garda ordered the killing of the 12 peacekeepers, which had led to abandon the civilians without any protection. Abu Garda’s lawyer, Karem Khan, told the court that the prosecutor ‘s evidence is unreliable and incomplete. 46 years old Abu Garda appeared before the court on Friday. He was put in a secret location and was wearing a full gray suit. The court was well attended by the media and Darfurians.

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