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HUDO urges investigation into killing by Sudan soldier in Kordofan

June 14 - 2016 EL ABBASIYA
Sudanese army troops in South Kordofan (James Akena/Reuters)
Sudanese army troops in South Kordofan (James Akena/Reuters)

The Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) urged the Sudanese government to investigate the killing of a civilian by Sudanese soldiers in South Kordofan, and the local police's refusal to register the case.

The activist group made an appeal to United Nations agencies in Sudan to follow-up and investigate the incident. In a press statement, the international community is urged to put more pressure on the government “to stop the impunity [of Sudan's military forces] and to conduct fair investigation as well as to make it public”.

A human rights lawyer speaking to HUDO said that the killing “falls under unlawful killing”, and the resistance of policemen to file the case constitutes “another violation that show the rule of law is lacking”.

HUDO reports that on 1 April, a group of soldiers driving two military vehicles went to the weekly market of Gardood Yama, 65 kilometres north-west of El Abbasiya. They stopped and shouted to Suliman Rabeh Abukalam to walk towards them. Abukalam did, and a military captain in one of the vehicles started a conversation with him. The soldiers then shot Abukalam dead on the spot.

The family of the deceased reported the case to the police but the police denied to register the case and refused to chase the armed group, to request them to hand over the dead body, HUDO reports.

HUDO researchers managed to speak to eyewitnesses about the incident. They said it took place while many people were watching. Many of them ran away from the market, without obtaining or purchasing anything.

An eyewitness said that the conversation between the captain and Abukalam was about the victim’s brother, who is a member of the rebel Sudan People 's Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N). 

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