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Herders' attacks on West Darfur villages continue

December 4 - 2014 WEST DARFUR

For the second consecutive day, militant herders attacked villages in West Darfur.

“Early this morning, the herders, armed by the government, raided the villages of Doleiba, Habila, Ardamei, Riheid Meiram, Burri, and Hillet Goz in Kereinik and El Geneina localities. They plundered the houses, seizing all the property and livestock. They even took the poultry,” Omda Ishag Abdelbanat told Radio Dabanga from Azerni in Kereinik locality this afternoon. “They are still busy ransacking the villages, in spite of the presence of a military force in the area.”

The native administration leader added that during the first attacks on Wednesday, the majority of the villagers sought refuge at the military garrison in Azerni. “Others fled to the nearby mountains and valleys, where they are staying in the open, without access to water and food.”

Compensation demanded

On Thursday, a meeting took place at the military garrison of Azerni to contain the situation. Representatives of the herders, the native administration, and the Security Committee of Kereinik locality, attended. Omda Abdelbanat reported that the herders threatened to continue with the attacks, in case they would not receive a financial compensation for the herders killed and wounded on Wednesday, in addition to their expenses on the funerals and treatment, and the fuel used during the incidents.

Meanwhile, a large crowd of militant herders in Land Cruisers, on motorcycles, camels, and horses, gathered around Azerni. Others are gathering in the area of El Jaraf El Ahmar at Wadi Kaja, and Rijil El Nabag, a listener reported to Radio Dabanga from Azerni.

He added that the traffic in the entire Kereinik locality came to a halt on Wednesday, “as the drivers fear of being attacked by the herdsmen”.

The problems started on Wednesday early morning when herders released their livestock by force of arms at the farmlands east of Azerni, During the ensuing clash with the farmers, two herdsmen died, and another was injured. The herders responded by attacking a number of villages in the area, and reportedly killed three villagers, and wounded five others.

File photo: Armed herdsmen on horseback in Darfur


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