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'Hemorrhagic fever spreads in Red Sea': Sudanese activists

June 13 - 2014 PORT SUDAN

The United Popular Front (UPF), a coalition of eastern Sudanese factions, and activists in the Red Sea state have reported a vast spread of the hemorrhagic fever throughout the state, while the state government has renounced to report about the case.

The UPF political secretary, Daoud Mahmoud, told Radio Dabanga that haemorrhagic fever has alarmingly spread in Red Sea state, “but the state government and health authorities have imposed a blackout on the disease, which kills people in eastern Sudan on a daily basis”.

Mahmoud appealed to the World Health Organization and the Federal Ministry of Health to act immediately and save eastern Sudan, and in particular Red Sea, from the disease.

Viral haemorrhagic fever is a general term for a severe illness, sometimes associated with bleeding, that may be caused by a number of viruses.

File photo: Woman being treated for haemorrhagic fever (World Health Organization)

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