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Health agency leaves one of Darfur’s largest displaced camps

March 6 - 2013 ZAM ZAM CAMP

An American health organization working at one of Darfur’s largest displaced camps left the site at the beginning of March “leaving a gap” in the treatment of its population.

Zam Zam camp’s activist said the medical center ran by the organization since 2009 received between 300 and 350 patients per day and offered treatment and medicines free of charge. 

The organization “suddenly announced the end of its activities and left the camp on 1 March,” he was quoted as saying to Radio Dabanga, adding there are only three health agencies left in Zam Zam.

He appealed to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and to the Sudanese government to find an alternative for the gap left by the health agency’s departure from the camp.

Zam Zam, as the activist noted, is one of Darfur’s largest camps for displaced and it continues receiving more residents.

Photo: People from the Kassab camp in Kutum, North Darfur, wait to be examined by doctors (Albert González Farran/ UNAMID)

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