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Hashaba attacks: almost 300 victims

October 4 - 2012 HASHABA

According to a survivor, between 250 and 300 people got killed or injured following last week's attacks in Hashaba, North Darfur.

The survivor Ishaaq Adduma Adam Ishaaq, who got seriously injured, told Radio Dabanga he witnessed the burial of 168 victims, from Friday, 28 September until Tuesday, 2 October.

He added that there are still tens of bodies lying in the vicinity of the battlefield that have not yet been buried.

Ishaaq, who previously owned a water supply tank in the area, said that hundreds of people who fled Hashaba are still wondering around valleys, mountains and deserts.

He suggested the people who fled Hashaba, hiding mostly around Jaira, Anka, Amorai, Guadara, Baashim and Umm Sidr, could die soon due to thirst or starvation.

Four-day attacks

The source also told Radio Dabanga that at about 10:45am on Tuesday, gunmen coming from several different directions attacked the area. They were riding horses, camels and Land Cruisers, he added.

According to Ishaaq, just about 15 minutes after the gunmen attack, an Antonov plane bombed the area.

He said these attacks lasted four days, from Tuesday to Friday.

Dozens killed

Ishaaq also reported that gunmen attacked three different markets on Tuesday. He saw at least 25 people being killed, at least 10 who got injured and several other seeking refugee inside wells.

According to the source, the markets in Kutum, El-Fasher and Zanga Zanga (in Hashaba area) were attacked and looted, explaining he witnessed everything from Kutum.

Ishaaq said some of the fatal victims are: Idriss Abbeker and his son, the Imam of the mosque, the Sheikh of the Kutum market Haji Ibrahim (70 years old), Abdul Latif Musa Ishaaq, Magdah, Mariam, and Fatima Ishaaq, from El Fasher.

In addition, Fathiya Azzah, a food seller, got wounded.

Radio Dabanga was informed that billions of Sudanese pounds (SDG) were stolen during the looting. The perpetrators stole 22 million SDG from Mohammed Hussein and 300 million SDG from another trader, Ishaaq pointed out.

Ishaaq pointed out that Hashaba is a known mining area and that there are between three to four thousand people currently working in its gold mines.

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