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Woman stabbed to death after rape attempt in Central Darfur

September 25 - 2018 DELEIG / TUR
Militiamen gather in Central Darfur (RD)
Militiamen gather in Central Darfur (RD)

A woman has been killed following an attempt to rape her in Deleig, Central Darfur, on Monday. Two people were wounded by gunshots in Tur.

Two gunmen stabbed 25-year-old Arafa Abdelshakur Abdallah  to death at Kankoli area, north of Deleig. One of the relatives of the deceased told Radio Dabanga that two men attacked Arafa and her mother Hawa Ibrahim while they went out to Kankoli.

The unknown assailants attempted to rape Arafa and her mother confronted the perpetrators, upon which one of the attackers stabbed Arafa with a knife and killed her instantly.

On Sunday, armed men opened fire and seriously wounded two people at Tur in Central Darfur. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the perpetrators rode on horses and wore military uniforms when they attacked a group of people on their way back to their villages after shopping in Tur.

Amin Eisa Khatir and Yassin Saleh Abdallah were seriously wounded and have been taken to Nyala for treatment. After the shooting the attackers robbed the travellers of their money, mobile phones and possessions.

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