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Gunmen kill farmer in South Darfur, cattle owner in East Jebel Marra

Janjaweed in eastern Chad (Mia Farrow)
Janjaweed in eastern Chad (Mia Farrow)

Armed robbers shot dead a farmer near Gireida in South Darfur on Monday. A cattle owner was 'butchered' in East Jebel Marra. In Kabkabiya, North Darfur, gunmen hijacked a commercial lorry.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a relative of the victim reported that a group of gunmen raided Yahya Yagoub’s farm in the area of El Asal, west of Gireida town, at about 11 am. “After they had killed him, they took his horse and his cart, and fled.”

He said that the police of Gireida refused to register the complaint, lodged by Yagoub’s family, “under the pretext that the incident did not take place within their territorial jurisdiction”.

Cattle theft

In East Jebel Marra, 41 year-old Mahjoub Abdelgader was killed by militiamen inside his home at a nomad settlement in Khor Nasir, south of Mashrou Abu Zeid, on Monday evening.

A neighbour told Radio Dabanga that four militiamen riding on camels raided Abdelgader’s premises at 9 pm, with the purpose of stealing his cows.

“The militia members threw him on the ground, whereupon one of those Janjaweed took of his knife and butchered him in front of his children and his wife. They then left, taking a camel and 41 cows from his herd with them,” he said.  


On Sunday afternoon, militiamen hijacked a small commercial lorry, west of Kabkabiya town.

“They had hired the lorry at Kabkabiya market, and told the driver, a displaced man from El Jebel camp, to bring them to Manara, some three kilometres west of Kabkabiya town,” a camp sheikh told Radio Dabanga.

“In Manara, they told him to proceed to Gara, where they ordered him to disembark, and took the vehicle with them,” he said.

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