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Govt. forces attack villagers in Central Darfur

March 5 - 2018 NIERTETI
Rapid Support Forces (RSF facebook page)
Rapid Support Forces (RSF facebook page)

Two Central Darfur villagers were wounded by militiamen in separate incidents over the weekend.

Three members of the Rapid Support Forces, Sudan’s main militia, intercepted Abdallah Mousa in Tur in Nierteti locality on Saturday.

“Abdallah was on his way home after a visit to the market of Tur, when he was attacked,” a relative told Radio Dabanga.

“They stripped him of his clothes, beat him severely, and then seized his donkey and the goods he had bought.”

He said that the victim was transferred to the Health Insurance Centre in Tur after the incident was reported to the paramilitary Central Reserve Police (Abu Tira) in the area.

The source added that on Sunday, another villager was injured in Nierteti on Sunday.

“Three militiamen of the Border Guards ambushed Mousa Abdelkarim while he was returning to his village after collecting firewood,” he said. “They severely beat him. He had to be transferred to the hospital of Nierteti with a broken hand and head injuries.”

The incident was reported to the police in Nierteti.


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