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Girl, pregnant woman raped in West Darfur

March 28 - 2017 SIRBA
Women carry firewood into the Unamid base in Khor Abeche (file photo/Unamid)
Women carry firewood into the Unamid base in Khor Abeche (file photo/Unamid)

Armed men raped a 17-year-old girl and a pregnant woman in Demet in Sirba locality on Sunday.

Four militants, riding camels, attacked the two firewood collectors out in the open field. They held them for seven hours, a coordinator of the Sirba camp for displaced people reported to this station. The woman is four months pregnant, he added.

The girl and the woman were taken by ambulance from the scene of the incident to Sirba hospital on Sunday. Both were transferred to El Geneina hospital on Monday.  

Their families filed a report of the incident with the police of Sirba and detective Terab Abdelaziz Dicko is expected to look into it, the coordinator said.

In February, protests erupted in El Geneina following the kidnapping of two teachers from the school's hostel in Adar and raping them during daytime. People called on the authorities to arrest the remaining perpetrators and bring them to trial.

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