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Food delayed in Bredjing Camp for Darfur in East Chad

June 19 - 2015 Brejing
Bredjing camp in Chad where refugees from Darfur live
Bredjing camp in Chad where refugees from Darfur live

The Sudanese refugees in the camps of eastern Chad are complaining about the reduction of food rations, high food prices and consumer goods at the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Vice President of Bredjing Camp And Secretary of Women Affairs, Hawa Bakhit Adam, told Radio Dabanga that the food rations provided by UN agencies have been reduced to one plate of grain, approx. 2,5 kg of lentils per month. That is in total less than a pound of food products per person in a month, She said, there is also a delay in food rations distribution dates.

The international NGOs and UN have adopted a policy to make the semi permanent refugee population less dependent from foodaid. The organizations do also face funding constraints. Many men are working or living outside the camps and working in goldmines or elsewhere. The food reduction is a gradual process.

Hawa Bakhit Adam, pointed out that the food prices in the markets outweigh the refugees’ purchasing power.  She appealed to the NGO's working and the United Nations to speed up the delivery and provision of food to them.

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