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Five die in renewed Ziyadiya attack in North Darfur

March 24 - 2015 MELLIT / EL FASHER
Tribal elders during a reconciliation session in North Darfur (Unamid)
Tribal elders during a reconciliation session in North Darfur (Unamid)

Five people were killed in a new attack by Ziyadiya militiamen in Mellit locality, North Darfur today.

Several witnesses reported to Radio Dabanga that a large Ziyadiya force of paramilitary Border Guards and Central Reserve Police troops raided the area of Um Seleilo, southeast of Mellit town around noon today.

“They arrived from El Kuma locality in 21 armed government vehicles, and started attacking the people living in Um Seleilo. Four Berti tribesmen and one Ziyadiya militiaman were killed,” they said.

The attack came just hours after Ziyadiya and Berti leaders agreed on a cessation of hostilities. The agreement was signed in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, by Yasir Hussein Ahmadai, King of the Berti, and Abdallah Adam Jizo, Nazir of the Ziyadiya, under auspices of Osman Kibir, Governor of North Darfur, late on Monday evening.

The accord included an immediate ceasefire, a ban on the gathering of militants, the opening of all the roads, and a prohibition of negative media reporting to prevent further attacks.

Governor Kibir this (Tuesday) morning announced the formation of a follow-up commission, headed by a judge, another committee, comprised of members of the two warring parties, tasked with coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the agreement, as well as a third committee, responsible for the distribution of the contents of the agreement among the people.

He added that in due time, a reconciliation conference will be convened.

The sources explained that after the attack on Um Seleilo, the road from El Fasher to Mellit was closed.

“Ziyadiya militiamen in about 16 armed vehicles blocked the gate to Mellit, so the North Darfur government delegation, including the leaders of the tribes, coming from El Fasher, could not reach the town,” one of them said.

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