Fire destroys area in camp for displaced, South Darfur

The third reported large fire in South Darfur this week destroyed more than twenty houses and damaged about one hundred in El Salam camp, Nyala.

A huge fire broke out at camp El Salam in Nyala locality, and destroyed the full contents of more than twenty houses. Over one hundred houses were damaged while people attempted to contain the fire. This is the third reported case this week of a fire that breaks out and destroys parts of settlements in South Darfur state.

The Sheikh of the camp, Adam Mahjoub Tabeldiya, told Dabanga Sudan that the fire broke out at Centre 10, where newly displaced people live.

He added that the victims of the fire, in particular those who lived in the 25 fully destroyed houses, lost what they own. “They are now living in the open without shelter, food or cover.”

Tabeldiya appealed to the authorities and humanitarian organisations to speed up rescuing these affected newly displaced people.

Over the weekend, three children burned to death when a fire broke out in Kalma camp, near Nyala. A large number of shelters was damaged. In El Khirwa, east of Kass, 152 houses were reportedly destroyed by a fire on Monday. In addition, stocks of crops were lost.