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Farmers, herders agree on migration tracks in Sudan’s South Kordofan

October 8 - 2019 DELLING
Herders guide their cattle to a water point provided by Unamid in the Khor Abeche camp, South Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)
Herders guide their cattle to a water point provided by Unamid in the Khor Abeche camp, South Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)

Leaders of the Ghulfan and Dar Naeele tribes reached an agreement about seasonal migratory tracks in Delling in South Kordofan, on Monday.

Dar Naeele tribesmen will be allowed to pass their livestock through the old tracks of Wati, Shamnaka and Waral in eastern Delling locality, Omda Siddig Hamid told Radio Dabanga after a reconciliation conference on Monday.

The two parties agreed to allow the pastoralists to use the eastern tracks, on the condition they pass the area with their livestock within 48 hours. The Ghulfan farmers pledged not to hinder them when they are passing agricultural areas, while the herdsmen committed themselves not to carry their weapons in full sight and attack farmers.

The reconciliation conference took place under the supervision of Lt Gen Shamseldin Kabashi, member of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, the federal Minister of Agriculture, South Kordofan Governor Rashad Abdelhameed, and 14 native administration leaders from the warring tribes.

Omda Hamid further explained that it was agreed that those violating the agreement will be sent to prisons outside South Kordofan, as happens as well in Darfuri conflicts during the dry season, between farmers and herders concerning pastures and migration tracks.

Kabashi instructed Governor Abdelhameed to immediately form a security committee to follow up the implementation of the agreement.

The Omda further said that Kabbashi emphasised the need to maintain quiet in the region, especially since they are on the verge of starting peace talks with the armed movements and they do not want to hinder these peace processes during the coming period.

During the start of the rainy season in April and early May, clashes erupted between the Ghulfan and Dar Naeele in Delling locality, after livestock began damaging farmlands during their migration to the north. Several tribesmen were killed.

The conflict escalated last week, when farmers blocked passage tracks to the herders which increased the hostility between the two parties.


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