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Enough Project: New report on Sudan’s religious oppression

December 13 - 2017 KHARTOUM

This week, the Enough Project published Radical Intolerance: Sudan's Religious Oppression and Embrace of Extremist Groups. In this new report, author Dr Suliman Baldo, Enough Project Senior Advisor, examines the Sudanese government’s persecution of Christians and many others in Sudan.

The government's ongoing abuse has included allowing extremist groups and its own security agencies to perpetrate violent attacks on Muslim Sufi groups, moderate Muslim scholars, rights defenders, and intellectuals.

Dr Baldo analyses the Sudanese regime’s “long-standing links with active extremist religious groups within Sudan, some of which call for jihad, advocate for groups like al-Qaida or the Islamic State group, threaten Westerners and Western interests, and/or are routinely involved in committing or inciting acts of religious persecution within Sudan.”


In an article published in US News & World Report in October, John Prendergast and Ian Schwab of the Enough Project highlight the a recent attack on peaceful protesters in Kalma camp in South Darfur.

They speak of a pattern of persecution of religious minorities throughout the country that includes the demolition of churches and the arrest and detention of church leaders.

Read the complete report here (PDF)

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