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Emergency clampdown: 38 imprisoned in West Kordofan

April 4 - 2019 ABU ZABAD
Rapid Support Forces parade in Darfur (File photo)
Rapid Support Forces parade in Darfur (File photo)

A joint force of Sudanese army troops, police, and paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), has arrested more people from Abu Zabad in West Kordofan under the State of Emergency, as part of an ongoing security and disarmament campaign.

A number of the residents of the state told Radio Dabanga that on Tuesday the joint force arrested 15 more people from the districts of Teiba and Murra in Abu Zabad.

Initially, 35 people were arrested last week, of whom 15 were later released. Three more people were then arrested on Monday, bringing the total number of detainees in the city’s prison to 38 yesterday.

They pointed out that the campaign did not result in the seizure of any weapons, or the arrest of any wanted criminals, which is the stated goal of the campaign..

The residents of Dibeibat in South Kordofan have complained of confiscation of their goods and harassment under the pretext of the State of Emergency.

They told Radio Dabanga that the military intelligence officers stationed at the intersection of Teiba unjustly confiscated their goods and harassed them under the pretext that they do not have permits from the security apparatus of the goods in their possession.

Residents said the confiscations included property and goods not covered by the emergency law, which angered them.

Emergency Orders

President Omar Al Bashir has issued several Emergency Orders under the State of Emergency that further restrict public freedoms and trade, in addition to handling of foreign currency, gold, selling of fuel, and trade and transport of goods in general.

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