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Eastern Sudanese hand demands to governors of Kassala and Red Sea state

Protests in Port Sudan on January 3, calling for the ouster of President Omar Al Bashir (RD file photo)
Protests in Port Sudan on January 3, calling for the ouster of President Omar Al Bashir (RD file photo)

On Sunday, the forces of Freedom and Change in Red Sea state and in Kassala presented a memorandum to the acting governors in both states, demanding the dismantling of the remnants of the old regime.

In Port Sudan, capital of Red Sea state, a large group of people took to the streets in protest against the delay of the acting governor in responding to the demands of the forces of Freedom and Change in the state, journalist Amin Sinada told Radio Dabanga.

He said that the forces of Freedom and Change in the state launched a protest march under the slogan “Restoration of Rights”. They denounced the policies of the acting governor, considering him and his aides “elements of the former regime, who are continuing to exercise their powers, but should be detained”.

He said that the march started in the centre of the city, heading to the Red Sea state Government, with the idea of handing a memorandum containing their complaints to Acting Governor Maj Gen Esameldin Abdelfarraj. “However, a military force intercepted the march and prevented it from continuing to the government offices.”

The two sides reached an agreement, and the protesters were allowed to the sit-in set-up in front of the 101st Infantry Division four weeks ago, where the governor would receive the memorandum.


The acting governor of Kassala, Lt Gen Mahmoud Himmat, as well received a memorandum from the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in the state.

The allied opposition called for the dismantling of the former regime structures, “the deep state”, and holding accountable those responsible for the killing and wounding of protesters in the state, and taking clear steps against them similar to what happened in the case of El Kheir, who was tortured to death by security agents early February.

The memorandum called for the dismissal of a number of officials at state ministries and localities, and demanded that the structure of the media and its programme map be in line with the current situation.

Murtada Mohamed, the spokesman for the forces of Freedom and Change in Kassala, described the meeting with the governor as “transparent”. Various issues concerning services and problems at the state level were discussed.

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