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Eastern Sudanese farmers, livestock owners suffer large losses

January 14 - 2016 EL GEDAREF
Eastern Sudanese herder with his camels in El Butana (
Eastern Sudanese herder with his camels in El Butana (

Farmers and livestock owners in eastern Sudan's El Gedaref state have been significantly affected by the poor rainfall this year.

The late and less-than-average rainfall this year has not only led to a failed agricultural season but also to the loss of pastures, Jaafar Khidir, the head of El Gedaref's Shoroug Forum told Radio Dabanga. “Both farmers and livestock owners complain about large losses.”

He added that the annual fees imposed on agricultural projects this year increased with 200 percent. “Annual renewal fees of SDG5 million ($813,000) will not help the farmers to recover their losses of the last agricultural season.”

Khidir said that the drought also caused a drop in livestock prices. “The price of a kilo of meat dropped from SDG70 ($11) to SDG50 ($8), as the livestock owners are getting rid of their animals in order to reduce the losses.”

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