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Eastern Sudanese call for abolition of the State of Emergency

June 17 - 2018 KASSALA
Kassala in eastern Sudan (file photo)
Kassala in eastern Sudan (file photo)

Community leaders in eastern Sudan have renewed their demand for the abolition of the State of Emergency in southern Tokar in Red Sea state and in Kassala. They denounce the continuing attacks by government forces on civilians in the area.

“People in southern Tokar are living under the State of Emergency for more than 15 years,” Abdallah Mousa, a native administration official told Radio Dabanga.

“The State of Emergency has led to widespread abuses by the militiamen of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the area, as they are protected by this measure,” he said. “The authorities must intervene and halt the plundering by army and militia troops in southern Tokar.”


Mousa further downplayed government justifications for imposing the strong measure in Kassala in end December last year.

“Six months after the imposition of the State of Emergency, we can say that the area was not attacked by Eritrea,” he stated. “Other justifications such as combating human trafficking and the smuggling of consumer goods have proven to be incorrect as well, as these crimes have not decreased until now.”

Mousa called for the strengthening of state institutions such as the police and the army. “These forces should fight cross-border crimes instead of RSF militiamen who are only harassing and robbing the people in the area.”

He said that the disruption by the militiamen of the border crossings with Eritrea and Ethiopia has led to stagnating the markets of Kassala, “which is negatively affecting the life of the people”.


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