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East Darfur capital parched

May 27 - 2018 ED DAEIN
Children use a hand pump for water in Sudan (File photo)
Children use a hand pump for water in Sudan (File photo)

In Ed Daein, capital of East Darfur, residents reported to Radio Dabanga the exacerbation of drinking water crisis, which has lasted for more than a month to include all the districts this week.

A caller reported that the network stopped pumping water into the districts prompting people to fetch drinking water through tanks from crowded water engines.

The price of a barrel of water has amounted to SDG 40 (*$1.42) at El Neem camp for displaced people in Ed Daein.

Displaced people who spoke to Radio Dabanga attributed the water crisis in the camp to power outages that halted the water pumps at the wells inside the camp, as well as outage of the solar powered stations due to the clouds.

They pointed to the overcrowding and long lines of displaced people in front of wells to get drinking water.

Red Sea

The people in Tokar in Red Sea state in eastern Sudan are suffering from a severe drinking water crisis due to the interruption of Karbamat water station.

Mousa Hamid told Radio Dabanga that residents are forced to drink salt water.

He said that the town has recently witnessed an interruption of electricity for ten days because of the fuel crisis before the crisis is partially addressed.

* Based on the indicative US Dollar rate quoted by the Central Bank of Sudan

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