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Doctors’ strike in Sudan’s El Gezira enters second week

March 29 - 2016 WAD MEDANI
Protesting doctors in Sudan in 2015 (file photo)
Protesting doctors in Sudan in 2015 (file photo)

The strike of doctors in El Gezira has entered its second week. Their demands include the availability of oxygen, life-saving medicines, and an emergency wardrobe in the wards.

The doctors’ committee in Wad Medani renewed its confirmation to continue the strike at several hospitals in the state, south of the Sudanese capital Khartoum. The strikers at the paediatric, educational, and obstetrics and gynaecology hospitals are awaiting a response from the authorities to their demands.

The doctors in the state of El Gezira will not work on normal cases, but only respond to emergencies.

The representative of the central committee of Sudanese doctors, Dr Hassan Karar, emphasised in one of their meetings that more medical equipment should be made available to the wards in El Gezira.

Another representative of the central committee, Dr Abdelmoez Bakhit, described the doctors’ strike as “unreal” and demanded the government intervene and resolve the crisis in the health sector in Sudan.

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