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Displaced still detained ‘to press Central Darfur camp re-planning’

June 6 - 2014 ZALINGEI

Eight wounded, internally displaced people from Ronga Tas camp have been held in detention by security forces in Zalingei locality, North Darfur, since Thursday without charge.

“It is an unprecedented criminal act that contradicts the moral values and customs of Sudan,” the coordinator of the Central Darfur camps told Radio Dabanga. The injured displaced were discharged from the hospital on the security’s orders, completed their treatment in a prison cell, and were then transferred to the prison of Zalingei where the security briefly took them on Wednesday to clean their wounds.

The coordinator accused the government of detaining the wounded to pressure the displaced people of camp Ronga Tas to fully support the re-planning and modelling of camps as described in the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD).

On 28 May, Ronga Tas camp was attacked by a group of armed men, allegedly members of the former rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM). The LJM, that signed the DDPD with the Sudanese government in 2011, is led by Tijani Sese, who is also the chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA). Both LJM and DRA have strongly denied any involvement in the attack.

Currently, the eight wounded detainees of camp Ronga Tas are: Hawa Ismail Ibrahim (28 years) with a thigh wound; Mohamed Juma Mohammed (22 years) with wounds in the shoulder and both legs; Ibrahim Mohamed Adam (30 years) with wounds in both legs; Haroun Abdel-Jabar Hassan (31 years), wounded in both hands; Kaltouma Eisa Idris (50 years), wounded in the chest; El Sadiq Abakar Mohamed (42 years) with wounds in his hand and elbow; Mohamed Adam Ismail (49 years), wounded on the head; and Fatima Babiker Ahmad (45 years) with wounds in the mouth, hand and both her legs.

File photo: A Sudanese policeman inspects the cells of a detention centre in West Darfur (Albert González Farran/Unamid)


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