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Displaced persons welcome Gambari's departure

August 31 - 2012 ZALINGEI

Darfuri displaced persons and refugees welcome the end of Ibrahim Gambari’s mission. The displaced described the period of his term in the region as one of the worst in the history of UNAMID. The coordinators of North Darfur and Zalingei camps accused the former Special Representative for Darfur of being biased to the government side.

Gambari's partiality led to a decrease in UNAMID's effectiveness to help and stop the violence, the two coordinators told Radio Dabanga. They called upon the UN Secretary-General, to appoint a neutral successor for Gambari. They demanded the UN Security Council to grant a strong mandate. With a stronger mandate, the mission and the new chairman will be able to protect civilians and the humanitarian aid workers.

Omda Ateem, coordinator of North Darfur camps, also asked the council for Gambari’s successor to act and move without restrictions, conditions or permission needed from government authorities in Darfur. He accused Gambari of failing to fulfill the mission he was entrusted with in Darfur; and he should be held accountable for this failure.

UNAMID could not be reached for comments.

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