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Detained students released in West Kordofan

April 11 - 2019 WEST KORDOFAN
A prison cell in Sudan (File photo)
A prison cell in Sudan (File photo)

The authorities of El Fula Prison in West Kordofan released 15 students from El Salam University after writing a pledge on Tuesday.

A relative of one of the students told Radio Dabanga that all the detained students were released on Tuesday afternoon after pledging in writing.

On Tuesday, the students of El Salam University in West Kordofan went out in a mass demonstration, condemning the killing of peaceful protesters and shouted slogans of toppling the regime in which the security forces intervened and arrested 15 of them.

On Sunday, agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrested 23 students from Bakri El Roomi campus at Dongola University in the Northern State, against the backdrop of the students’ refusal of the university administration’s decision to resume the study.

A student told Radio Dabanga that the Dongola Emergency Court sentenced three students to six months’ imprisonment and a fine of SDG 3,000 per each, 10 of them acquitted, while the other 10 were brought to the emergency court on Tuesday.

NISS agents arrested six activists accused of planning the demonstrations in Abuzabad in West Kordofan on Wednesday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga from Abuzabad that a security force intercepted six of the youths who were on their way from the market to a condolence place in the town, took them to the police department and filed a complaint against them for planning to take advantage of the condolences gathering of to make demonstrations demanding the overthrow of Al Bashir and his regime of the country’s rule.

On Saturday April 6, security agents arrested six students from Kutum in North Darfur and took them to their office.

An activist told Radio Dabanga that the six students were tortured and beaten up before being transferred to the Emergency Court of Kutum and sentenced to six months.

He pointed out that so far no one has appealed on behalf of the six sentenced and appealed to lawyers to intervene to appeal the verdict.

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