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Derelict ship sinks after three years at anchor off Port Sudan

April 11 - 2018 PORT SUDAN
A wreck in the Red Sea (File photo: DJI Mavic YouTube)
A wreck in the Red Sea (File photo: DJI Mavic YouTube)

A ship that has been anchored off Port Sudan for three years sank on Sunday, causing a potential hazard to ships. The port workers hold the maritime inspection authority responsible.

Workers at Post Sudan told Radio Dabanga that the vessel Shaheen sank at Salite area in the Red Sea, 10 nautical miles from Port Sudan.

According to the workers, the ship, which was in a poor state of repair, has lain at anchor since 2015 sank due to neglect. “The hull just rusted thorough and water poured in”,

The workers expressed concern about the impact of the sinking of the ship on maritime navigation and the movement of ships.

They held the maritime inspection responsible for the sinking of the ship that has been stalled for three years without being repaired or disposed of.

In the Red Sea state, citizens coming from abroad through the port of Suakin have complained of the accumulation of their belongings and delay of their clearance for more than four days.

Journalist Osman Hashim told Radio Dabanga that those coming from abroad have to stay for days in the port of Suakin because of the delay in the clearance of luggage, especially television screens.

He pointed out that this costs them additional financial burdens and demanded the arrival of the state government and the customs department to expedite the clearance of their belongings.

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