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Darfuri refugees in Chad refuse to pay 'again' for health care

May 24 - 2015 EASTERN CHAD
Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad (MSF)
Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad (MSF)

The Darfuri refugees living in Djabal camp in eastern Chad have refused the proposal made by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and a Chadian health organisation to contribute to the costs of treatment. Last Thursday, the students in the Chadian camps concluded their school exams.

The refugees refused the proposal on the basis that they have been paying the Chadian Adsak organisation for four years for “treatment vouchers”, the coordinator of Djabal camp told Radio Dabanga.

“The rest of the money would be spent on other health benefits for the refugees. However nothing of this happened so far.”

School exams

The basic and secondary school exams for the pupils and students in the eastern Chad refugee camps concluded on Thursday. It was the first time that the Darfuri students sat for Chadian exams, after the Sudanese curriculum was replaced by the Chadian curriculum. The pupils and students have complained of the lack of books, note books, and other educational needs.

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