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Darfur village ‘almost entirely burned’ by Beni Halba

May 1 - 2013 KATAYLA

On the sixth day of renewed tribal clashes in South Darfur, Beni Halba “militias” have reportedly burned almost an entire village resided largely by elements of the Gimr tribe in Katayla locality.

Spokesman for the Gimr, Abkar Al Toum, said that Beni Halba driving Land Cruisers and motorbikes stormed Ajueren from four different directions on Wednesday and set several houses on fire.

This is the ninth attack of its kind since Friday when clashes between both tribes resumed after a relatively stable period since February.  

Earlier this year, dispute over land ownership between the Beni Halba and Gimr tribes left eight killed (four from each side) and four wounded.

Six villages were also were burned as a result of the battles in the area of Edd Al Fursan, that displaced some 750 families.

Toum said the Gimr will continue defending themselves, adding they are following instructions of the government and of the tribes who had previously brokered a cease-fire between the two sides.

However, he added, the government forces deployed to the conflict zones are “no more than spectators”.

Security services arrest Gimr

On Tuesday, elements of the Sudanese security services arrested a number of leaders of the Gimr tribe, Toum said. He stressed the move is counterproductive to the cessation of hostilities between the Gimr and Beni Halba.

Toum disclosed that the detainees are "very well-known people who are working on a ceasefire agreement" and asked for their immediate release. He is also asking the government to "fully" carry out its responsibility and protect citizens in Katayla.

The detainees, Toum said, are: Engineer Ibrahim Hassan Atim, a former state minister: Saror Ahmed Abdullah, former commissioner of Nyala north; Engineer Abdullah Ishaaq Ismail, former commissioner of Katayla locality; and Abdel Jabbar Khalil, member of the local legislative council of South Darfur from the Katayla area.  

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